“How to get in game id”

Once you make your donation you need to supply us with your in game id. This is not your game name or steam id its a unique 15 digit id that you get in game. While in game go to the cmd screen........ you get there by hitting the tilde key, its the ~ key just above the tab key on the left of your keyboard. Once you hit that key type in steamid and do not hit enter, it will show you your 15 character id.

Now you need to send that to us using the contact link up top on this site, along with your in game name and time/date /amount of your donation.

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SPECIAL NOTICE: If you did not buy your game directly from steam or from a retail store your in game id will not work and you will not be able to get VIP status at all. This is not our decision, its built into the game. So if you did not buy your game 100% legit DO NOT even sign up for vip status as it will not work.

What you get by being a VIP;

  • 40% Discount in game shop

  • Xtra Life in game

  • Better percentage of top end care pack drops.

  • Ability to resupply custom weapons ammo from dead bots packs.

  • Distinguished look in game. VIP Flag

  • 4 Additional Weapons others dont get

  • Ability to scavenge ammo for special weapons and vip weapons

Plus your helping keep the Bots server running. This server runs on 100% donations. So once there gone so is the server.

(VIP status does not mean you get to be an admin)

What it cost’s;

The server’s and website costs $55 per month. So……….

Minimum of $5 per month. So if you donate $20 then you get vip for 4 months, donate $5 and get vip for one month, etc etc

After you have donated

 ……… send an email using the contact link at top of this site and include your ingame id. See left side of site on how to get your in game id. (this is not your steam id or player id but a unique in game player id that is 15 characters long and also you in game player name so we know whom to assign vip too.

If you enjoy playing on MauiDeath servers maybe you can make a donation to help keep them going.

All donations are directly to game servers, not us personally.


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